Formatted Partition Recovery

Formatting a partition leads to removal of data from the partition. This happens because, formatting leads to the replacement of the file system containing the data with a new file system. In other words, the old file system is pushed to the background while the newly installed file system is brought to the forefront. So, the files present in the old file system disappear altogether. However, the disappearance of the files can be reversed. All you need, is a Formatted drive recovery tool. This tool is equipped with a powerful algorithm to recover the wiped out data in few minutes.

How do partitions get formatted?

Power surge: Sudden power surge can corrupt the partition table of a partition. So, the partition becomes inaccessible. To regain access you need to format the partition all over again. This leads to loss of data..

Third party application: A malicious third party application can have a disastrous effect on your partition. More often than not it formats the partition leading to complete data loss.

Human errors: Unintentional formatting of partition can take place when you install more than one OS in the same drive.

File System Corruption: File system corruption renders a partition inaccessible. When you try to open it, you will be asked to format the partition. Okaying this leads to installation of a new file system and wiping out of data.

Formatted recovery application is used to recover data from accidently or unintentionally partitioned drive. This tool is highly effective and ensures that the wiped out data is retrieved intact. The process of scanning the drive for the old file system and recovering the wiped out files does not take much of a time. The tool can recover data even if the partition table is corrupt. This utility can even recover data lost from SATA, SCSI and IDE drives. Formatted partition data recovery tool recovers the data,which is lost due to third party application. You can also use this software to recover formatted data from FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 drives. For more information on how to unformat FAT drive, just visit this link:

It can also support data recovery from pen drive of different brands like Kingston, HP, SanDisk, Moser Baer, etc. To recover formatted pen drive data, you just need to connect it to the computer and then run the software on it. One can also get additional resources about formatted pen drive data recovery.

Restoration process:

Steps to recover formatted data

Step 1: Download and install the application from the site. After installation of the software select the option “Recover Partitions/Drives” from the main screen.

Step 2: Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” option. A new window pops up showing all the physical drives. Now select the physical drive from which the partition needs to be recovered and click on the “Next” option to start the scanning process.

Step 3: Once the scanning is done, the recovered data can be viewed. You can use “Save Recovery Session” to save the scanned information and restore the data at a later stage.

This tool can also be used to recover formatted external drive data.

Note: Please do not write any new data onto the formatted drive as it will overwrite the previous data and you will lose the data permanently.

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