Formatted Drive Recovery

Hard drives are used to store data in bulk. At times, we may accidentally format the disk there by erasing crucial data present in it. Thus, we inadvertently stare into a severe data loss situation. Anyone caught in such a situation will have a nervous breakdown. However, a formatted partition data recovery tool helps one overcome this problem.

Main Reasons for data loss:

  • Accidentally formatting the wrong drive results in loss of crucial data.
  • Formatting your hard drive while re installing the operating system without creating the back up copy of important data results in data loss.
  • Errors which occur during file system conversion result in loss of data.
  • Errors while partitioning a drive results in data loss.

Formatted recovery application supports recovery of up to 300 different file types based on their unique signature. Recovers data from hard drives, USB drives, Flash memory cards and retrieved data sorted on the basis of name,date of creation,file size etc. This tool is capable of retrieving the data lost due to partitioning errors. Data erased from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXFAT formatted partitions/drives can be easily recovered. You can know more about how to unformat FAT drive using this software by referring this page: This application helps you to recover different media, audio and video files erased from formatted drives. Disk space can be saved by compressing recovered files in Zip archives. This utility supports retrieval of photos, documents, spreadsheets and zip archives.

One can also use this software to recover data from pen drive. It can help you to get back data from the pen drive if it is corrupted due to improper ejection, virus attack, etc. When your pen drive is corrupted, you need to format it, in order to access and store data on it. If you lost data after formatting a pen drive, you can recover them just by following the few steps provided by the software.

Steps to recover data from formatted drives:

The following steps need to be followed to recover formatted data

Step 1: Download and install the application from the site. Launch and select “Recover Partitions/Drives” option.

Step 2: Select “Formatted/Reformatted recovery” option and then select the logical drives from which the data is to be recovered and initiate the recovery process.

Step 3: After completion of recovery process this application provides you with the list of files retrieved. You should purchase the software to restore the files by clicking on the “Save Recovery Session” option.

This application can also be used to recover data from formatted external hard drive.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users